A Hug From the Inside – Juicing and Smoothies

This blog is for juicing and smoothie fans or those considering jumping on the smoothie bandwagon. Done well, smoothies and juicing should boost energy, nutrition, mood, and immunity. Or, maybe not. It depends on what we put into the cup.

Juicing – The benefits sound lovely. We get vitamins, antioxidants, and tasty hydration in every sip. But juicing can have a lot of calories, concentrated sugars, and lack hunger-fighting protein. Some juicers take out pulp that eliminates important dietary fiber, leaving people hungry and tired in a couple of hours and perhaps constipated. Click here for a short summary of the problems of juicing and for a detailed summary, click here.

How many calories, carbs, sugars, fiber, and protein will be in a juice? This juicing calculator is fun and useful.

Juicing apples, spinach, strawberries, cucumber, and ginger (5. 5 oz of pure juice + pulp!!) is 158 calories and 10 fabulous grams of dietary fiber. However, it also has 46 grams of carbs and  31.5 grams of blood sugar spiking sugars. Adding apple juice to thin it down adds up to 114 calories and 24 more grams of sugars.

To make a Smoothie be a hug from the inside add protein and more fiber. You’ll get more nutrition, control blood sugar, reduce mood swings, and enjoy long-term energy that will help all day. Always keep the pulp and add a protein supplement. But which protein supplement?

If you join my newsletter, or already have,  contact me for my free, detailed report: A Chemist’s Criteria for Selecting Natural Protein Powders. You’ll learn about quality and proper processing of vegetable and whey proteins and have a good guide if you’d like to compare brands.

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