Boston Natural Products provides natural products for health, home, and the environment, networking and educational services, and consultations for people who want to re-route the downhill trends of aging. That way, they have a great likelihood to live healthy, dynamic, beautiful lives well into their 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

What’s in us, on us and around us becomes part of us.

                                                       -Cathy Peyton

About Susan Buta, Founder

Susan Buta holds an Education Masters from Harvard University, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, certified by the American Chemical Society, from Western Illinois University and a Wellness Educator Certificate under the direction of Dr. Linda Rodriguez, MD, and Gemma Gorham, MPH. Previous to entrepreneurship, Susan was a research and development chemist in water quality, food quality, and toxicology. She taught Chemistry and Physics in urban and suburban high schools and enthusiastically “brings science to life” for anyone who wants to know more about our fascinating natural world.

Her company, Boston Natural Products specializes in building communities of health via education about preventative and reparative strategies while creating healthy environments where our bodies may thrive both for now and in the future.