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Bone Health: What’s new?

Oft-repeated basics of bone health are eat  dairy products and greens to get enough calcium and vitamin D3, get enough sleep, and do weight bearing exercise. Current research say that’s not enough! There’s more we can do to preserve bone … Continue reading

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Like 40 at 70? Getting Closer to the Fountain of Youth

What’s possible for your health if your cells have young biology for a long time? What if at 70, your cells acted like those of a 30-40 year old? Something is going very right with Shaklee users. Shaklee is the … Continue reading

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But I can’t sleep!

My last blog was for those who need to go to bed and they choose not to, What about those whose quality of sleep feels out of their control? Your sleep may be interrupted by a family member! Here are suggestions … Continue reading

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“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

That sentiment is really dumb. Don’t sleep? You’ll be dead sooner. And sicker, and much more likely to have serious memory issues such as Alzheimer’s in later life. What a rosy outlook. If you generally wake up without an alarm, … Continue reading

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Reversing Sudden Cognitive Decline

At first, the comments between family members were, ”She’s really going down hill! She’s forgetting a lot.” Then, her restless increased: Up too early, too demanding and angry over little things, constantly fretting about money, refusing to go out and … Continue reading

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