A Hug From the Inside – Juicing and Smoothies

This blog is for juicing and smoothie fans or those considering jumping on the smoothie bandwagon. Done well, smoothies and juicing should boost energy, nutrition, mood, and immunity. Or, maybe not. It depends on what we put into the cup.

Juicing – The benefits sound lovely. We get vitamins, antioxidants, and tasty hydration in every sip. But juicing can have a lot of calories, concentrated sugars, and lack hunger-fighting protein. Some juicers take out pulp that eliminates important dietary fiber, leaving people hungry and tired in a couple of hours and perhaps constipated. Click here for a short summary of the problems of juicing and for a detailed summary, click here.

How many calories, carbs, sugars, fiber, and protein will be in a juice? This juicing calculator is fun and useful.

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Calming Chaotic Kids – Beyond Medicine for ADHD

The kids come into the house and it’s a zoo. They are good-hearted kids, yet in about 2 minutes, there’s tons of noise, stuff is all over and they don’t stop moving. Things may get broken, tantrums can be frightening, and when they leave, your head is spinning.

Have you met kids like this?

Now, consider Mom and Dad. They are exhausted. If the kids are young, they are in survival mode. If older, they are working hard to get the support their kids need; doctors, behavioralists, school – anywhere they can. This is the life of families with kids with ADHD.

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Genetic Testing: Scary or Empowering?

We are just touching the surface of what we can learn from our genetics. Until recently, many behavior/lifestyle oriented diseases like obesity and mental health has been diagnosed and treated symptomatically. For quite a while scientists have busily uncovered genes associated with a variety of behaviors –addiction, worrying, cravings, pain sensitivity and more.

Could this information be helpful in helping us understand why we feel or act a certain way? And, what happens if we find out that we have a certain genetic marker that interferes with our mental health or other areas of health? What then? Are we doomed for life?

NO! No dooming!

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We Need to Chat About Mental Health

Yes, really. You or someone close to you will benefit from this information.

About 20% of Americans will be treated for mental health related concerns in their lifetime. Many more will suffer in silence, perhaps not wanting to be labeled, not wanting to take medicines, wary of exposing their lives in therapy, feeling as if they should “get their act together, etc. All along, their families and friends also suffer.

Until we acknowledge the damage our fast paced, stressful, uncertain, overloaded lives have on our health, we will remain a population more depressed, anxious, angry, and flailing then ever before. Until we break the stereotypes and stigma of mental illness, we all suffer.

What is so important to know?

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It’s Lovely to Hope, but What You Really Want Is to Achieve, Right?

Have  you every thought or said, “I hope I…” followed by something you wanted to do or achieve? I hope to lose weight. I hope to get a promotion. I hope to be more patient, etc.

In the past, I thought achieving was accomplished through hard work and “hope” was the place I operated out of for many years: “I hope my business will improve.” “I hope I can make a difference in other’s lives…” I often didn’t get what I wanted, and being confused and frustrated, I stop setting goals so I wouldn’t fail to reach them.

Amazingly, I’ve learned that there are a few steps between hope and achievement. I hope it will help you reach your goals too.

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