Boost Nutrition with Vitamins for Kids with ADHD, Memory or Focus Deficits

When I look at the range of nutritional deficiencies that have been studies for people with ADHD or other behavioral / control issues, I think, “Well screw it. How long are we going to do good science on single supplements and not build the science block upon block so people get real relief?”

Though the biology is a bit mysterious, a commonality in ADHD is nutritional deficiencies. And the best success I’ve seen to calm overactive bodies is to functionally support the nervous system and brain health. That means examine a kid’s diet closely, promote a healthy lifestyle, and  support the body with a wide range of effective vitamin supplements.

I help stressed out parents with ever-moving kids and who have their hands full with behavior issues with vitamin and environmental  programs that have helped many kids calm down and improve their focus.

What does a basic program look like for children?

  • Increase essential amino acids through easily digested protein sources
  • Use a daily, high quality multivitamin/multimineral with all the USRDA to cover the basics. Be careful! Most brands are synthetic (made from oil products), do not provide enough complete nutrition, and are loaded with dyes and fillers. “Gummy” is not part of the USRDA!
  • Probiotics support better digestive health so nutrients are absorbed better. We make important brain chemicals in the gut so brain health starts there!
  • Brains need lots of Omega-3’s. Is your child eating, for example, cold water fish 2-4 times a week, a daily handful of walnuts or 2-3 tablespoons of chia seeds, every day? If not, it’s time to supplement!
  • Magnesium is important muscles, nerves, and electrolytic balance. Magnesium especially is strongly linked to mental function.
  • B-complex (all 8 of the B’s!) is used by every cell at all times. Extra B-complex supports the nervous system and can be helpful especially during, meltdowns, anxiety, thrashing, or panic attacks.

Here are the links to the products I recommend. Most of these basics are selected so they can be combined into a delicious, fast breakfast! My products are always dependable, safe, and backed by an unconditional, 100% money back guarantee.

A great starter pack of Meal Shakes, Incredivites and Mighty Smarts is just $4.11 per day. What a great breakfast that makes an amazing difference! Plus, quite often, a nice side benefit I see with this package is fewer sick days.

What are other suggestions do you that have worked?

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