But I can’t sleep!

My last blog was for those who need to go to bed and they choose not to, What about those whose quality of sleep feels out of their control?

Your sleep may be interrupted by a family member! Here are suggestions for the common culprits, snorers and young children. For city noises: earplugs.

You don’e seem to need the  recommended 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Quality sleep is more important then quantity of sleep. Some people require less sleep then others. We feel rested with the appropriate deep sleep and REM sleep our body needs. Check with your doctor if you think you need more sleep then is comfortable.

Do you have insomnia? Three thoughts:

Have you seen your doctor? Your doctor can check for underlying causes.

How’s your sleep hygiene? There’s a TON of good info on the Internet on how to wind down so you fall asleep like this  and this and this! BTW, have you installed a screen darkener yet?

Do you wake up a lot? It’s natural to have sleep/wake cycles and not get 8 hours of solid sleep.  Old journal keepers wrote of first sleep and second sleep. Consider these:

  • Accept vs. worry when you wake up. Insomniacs appear to get more sleep then they think they do. Fixating releases stress hormones. Our brains work even faster and jumps around like a monkey! An antidote is gratitude. Entertain grateful feelings for as long as possible. Then move to another grateful thought.
  • Give your brain something to do. Repetitive prayers work nicely. Or, listen to a non-stimulating audiobook. Keep the murder mystery for the daytime.
  • Meditation apps. Try a 20-30 or more body scan meditation during the day for 2-3 weeks. Then, at night, keep to the same meditation until the brain has learned to associate sleep with that relaxing guided meditation. I really like the Insight Timer app. (*don’t touch that phone if you can’t stick to your meditation app!)
  • The most important thing you can do to get better sleep? Turn off the anything electronic 1-2 hours before bed. Apps and TV have an evil addicting twin!

Did anything new catch your eye?

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