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Bone Health: What’s new?

Oft-repeated basics of bone health are eat  dairy products and greens to get enough calcium and vitamin D3, get enough sleep, and do weight bearing exercise. Current research say that’s not enough! There’s more we can do to preserve bone … Continue reading

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“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

That sentiment is really dumb. Don’t sleep? You’ll be dead sooner. And sicker, and much more likely to have serious memory issues such as Alzheimer’s in later life. What a rosy outlook. If you generally wake up without an alarm, … Continue reading

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The biological Sons of Liberty and the War State of Stress

Flashback to your Revolutionary history; remember the Sons of Liberty? Our founding fathers were great at beefing up political problems. Oh those rabble-rousers! Those inciters! Those stirring up the system to fight against a repressive, invading regime! The biological rabble: … Continue reading

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Tech is Made for Stress

“Monkey Brain” is a common name for the part of our primal brain that is always alert, searching for anything novel. If “Monkey Brain” thinks it’s in danger, it will ping our adrenal system – the one that does fight, flight, … Continue reading

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A Hug From the Inside – Juicing and Smoothies

This blog is for juicing and smoothie fans or those considering jumping on the smoothie bandwagon. Done well, smoothies and juicing should boost energy, nutrition, mood, and immunity. Or, maybe not. It depends on what we put into the cup. Juicing – The … Continue reading

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