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The biological Sons of Liberty and the War State of Stress

Flashback to your Revolutionary history; remember the Sons of Liberty? Our founding fathers were great at beefing up political problems. Oh those rabble-rousers! Those inciters! Those stirring up the system to fight against a repressive, invading regime! The biological rabble: … Continue reading

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Vitamin Programs for Adults with ADHD and ADD

Adults with attention deficits have their own challenges. Focus can be improved when our system has everything needed to support its best function. Here are my recommendations to support nutrition for adults who want better focus.* Start by eating the best, … Continue reading

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Boost Nutrition with Vitamins for Kids with ADHD, Memory or Focus Deficits

When I look at the range of nutritional deficiencies that have been studies for people with ADHD or other behavioral / control issues, I think, “Well screw it. How long are we going to do good science on single supplements … Continue reading

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Finding Good Deals on Supplements

Everyone want a good deal, right? In vitamins we want safe products that work and are offered at a fair price. The stuff at the market or drug stores should be fine, right? Most “value” vitamins, the ones found in … Continue reading

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OMg! Gotta love Magnesium!

Magnesium deficiency is a big deal. Like vitamin D3, most of us are deficient. Magnesium deficiency is linked with many health problems: diabetes, digestion issues, sudden cardiac death, stroke, migraines, stress, asthma, depression, bone density, muscle cramps, kidney function, weakness, preeclampsia, … Continue reading

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