College students and student loans – A Problem You Can Help.

It’s fall! College students look forward to classes and graduate students to their research! What they are probably blocking out: their piling up student debt.

Other young adults are solemn. It’s pay back time of their huge loans. Andrew Josuweit, author of What I Wish I Knew Before Racking Up $100K in Debt, feels this pain big time. What will they do about it? You’ll hardly believe it when you read on. And yes, there’s a good ending.

According to the New York Times, college students now average $37,000 in student loans. Over 40% of college grads are choosing to not pay and 60% of those paying expect to be paying off their student loans into their 40’s.

If that isn’t enough, I heard a DJ on 103.3 FM Boston report, that 52% of college students would rather would star in adult films in order to escape from their student loans (Huh??!!!)

It gets much worse. Can you imaging the pain students are feeling when many young women engage in prostitution to get rid of their financial burden? Or choosing bankruptcy?  It really happens! I just never imagined the scope of their debt: loans are suffocating young adults.

Mr. Josuweit wishes he read the fine print, understood the commitment he was making, and started making payments right away before his $75K debt grew to $100K after deferring payments. He didn’t know of another option that if he heard and acted upon it, he probably would not have repayment worries.

I have a business where college students find relief from overwhelming debt while in college. What would an extra $500 – $1000 a month or more do for a student or young adult?

Our model of business, sales and marketing of everyday products made by Shaklee, may or may not be the answer to looming student debt. It is a caring act of love to mention Shaklee is out there and open the option to them. Parents would benefit too because grads are moving back in with Mom and Dad in record numbers and  destabilizing their retirement.

When you refer someone, they can expect a brief introduction to what we do. Sales and marketing may or may not be right for them and either decision is perfectly ok. But what if it is for them? Read the stories of Sage and Tiffany below, then share with your favorite parents, college student, or post graduates so they know there is a positive option for their health and their loans. Then they can choose what might be a real difference in their financial future.

If you have any questions, just use the contact link!

Sage’s Story:  Sage Gallerano is my Shaklee “cousin.” She says, “My Shaklee checks have always covered my student loan payments ($280 monthly which is fairly high) not to mention my other expenses as a young college graduate. This has been immensely helpful for me and I feel proud being able to pay for my college education with the business that my education helped to develop. Not only has it been powerful to have my business paying for my education, but also as I grow my business I am creating a future of freedom for myself.”

Tiffany Vin: I met Tif at Shaklee Live 2016 last week and she has an amazing story.

Tif’s mom Nary, a Cambodian Khmer Rouge survivor, had a highly successful real estate and insurance business. She lost everything in the dreadful 2008-9 collapse. Nary was introduced to Shaklee in Tiffany’s senior year and built a strong business by changing brands and feeling better. She then showed others how to do the same and now earns well into six figures!

Nary felt that Tiffany needed some financial ownership in her own college education. Tiffany had a choice: a part time job, student loans, or start a Shaklee business. Seeing her mom get healthy and wanting no loans, she started sharing Shaklee in 2013. Now, her dedication allows her an upper five-figure income during her schooling. Tif tells more here.

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