Finding Good Deals on Supplements

Everyone want a good deal, right?

In vitamins we want safe products that work and are offered at a fair price. The stuff at the market or drug stores should be fine, right?

Most “value” vitamins, the ones found in most stores, are synthetic. They are made from oil in industrial chemical plants. Even “natural” vitamins can be a mixture of synthetic and natural ingredients. The Vitamin E may be natural but is the filler or coating? Are the vitamins in the right amounts? Will too much hurt us?  Will it work???

We trust that the stuff on the shelves has been checked out. Well, most supplements are not regulated by government agencies. Let’s take a closer look at Vitamin C as an example.

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins purchased. 8090% of it is now made in China and, with a few exceptions, is what we find on store shelves. What should we know?

  •  27% of Vitamin C brands and many other vitamins don’t have in the pill what’s on the label. It’s like paying for 500 mg and getting only 475 mg. Herbals are worse.
  • Paying for 500 mg and peeing out around 400mg? Sorry our bodies don’t know the pill amounts on store shelves don’t match our biology. Knowing how the body works is really important!
  • Not what you’re looking for? Substitutions and false ingredients have been found in supplements from China and well, everywhere (USA included!).
  • Water and air are pretty plentiful in manufacturing. Remember all that air and water pollution in China (search for “China” in the text)? I wonder how much of that pollution ends up in our products? Are the products tested after manufacturing for contaminants, like Shaklee is?
  • How are the working conditions? China is watched for ethical concerns for workers, Fortunately, t’s getting better – we think…

If we’re going to put something into our bodies every single day that’s designed to improve our health, wouldn’t we want to be sure we use all of it, it’s safe all the time and works every time?

I’m very proud to offer Shaklee’s made in the USA supplements to my customers. Here’s a nice resource that describes the Shaklee difference. In summary, our products are:

  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Vigorously tested before, during and after production. Our multivitamins go through 256 quality tests. Herbs are tested for over 350 contaminants.
  • Contain the right amount of nutrients shown by research to give the best long-term benefits.
  • Absorbable. We can use the Shaklee nutrients we take. That’s why we have a sustained–released Vita C Complex that honors what our bodies do.
  • Complexes. In nature, Vitamin C comes with a variety of bioflavinoids – small molecules that are found along side Vitamin C in nature. We need them too.
  • Proven by science. We have scores of scientific publications that show our brand works. See our Product Guide for a full listing starting on page 130.
  • Climate neutral. The carbon footprint of our products has been completely offset. No CO2 impact for Shaklee.
  • 100% Guaranteed

Sure our stuff costs more then the stuff chemically synthesized and inexpensively sourced stuff. With Shaklee products, however, we can trust that our supplements actually work, have the peace of mind that they are always safe, and are environmentally sound.

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