“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

That sentiment is really dumb. Don’t sleep? You’ll be dead sooner. And sicker, and much more likely to have serious memory issues such as Alzheimer’s in later life. What a rosy outlook.

If you generally wake up without an alarm, feel rested and don’t seek caffeine to get moving in the morning, hit the snooze on this blog and forward it to someone you know who complains about being tired all the time.

To the rest of us, neuroscience has something to say to our thick heads:


Oh ye who love tech and TV!  Go to bed! You are suffering and will suffer more if you don’t get your zzzzz’s. I get that you will miss some fun on apps and shows by starting the bedtime routine at 9:30 or 10 pm! It takes discipline to prioritize rest.

Nature has provided us a host of reasons to sleep and pushes aside many body functions to do very important, active work during sleep. Dr. Russell Foster explains why we sleep in this Ted Talk. Embrace sleep and watch your favorite late night show for breakfast.

Is bedtime low priority? I have lived in this camp with it’s many reasons why I can’t go to bed. I have to choose to go to bed.

Poorly rested people tend to be cranky, depressed, confused, and even dangerous etc. If are unsure if you need more sleep, ask those you live or work with if they think you need more sleep.

What if you can’t sleep?

My next blog, to be published in a couple of weeks is just for people who try, but can’t sleep.

Thanks for reading!

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