It’s Lovely to Hope, but What You Really Want Is to Achieve, Right?

Have  you every thought or said, “I hope I…” followed by something you wanted to do or achieve? I hope to lose weight. I hope to get a promotion. I hope to be more patient, etc.

In the past, I thought achieving was accomplished through hard work and “hope” was the place I operated out of for many years: “I hope my business will improve.” “I hope I can make a difference in other’s lives…” I often didn’t get what I wanted, and being confused and frustrated, I stop setting goals so I wouldn’t fail to reach them.

Amazingly, I’ve learned that there are a few steps between hope and achievement. I hope it will help you reach your goals too.

Ok world, here’s one of my goals: “Create a super stupendous Internet ad that will reach my target markets effectively and generate 100 regular, satisfied customers by Dec 1, 2017.”

Here’s the Achievement Flow that I use. It’s already moved me significantly toward one of this goal in just one week.

  • State the “hope” as a goal. Make it clear and measurable.
  • Tell 3 people about the goal and not all should be family members.
  • Visualize in great detail  how life is like now that I have already reached the goal completely. I get to see the many people who’s lives have been transformed and are happier and healthier.
  • Plan subgoals starting from the goal and working backwards for a plan of action.
  • Create chunk sized action steps for each subgoal.
  • Schedule action time into my calendar as if it were an appointment.
  • Decide what chunk I can “eat” weekly and daily.
  • Be satisfied with what I was able to complete: I stepped forward.
  • Update the three people what I’m up to each week. Reflect and report what actually was accomplished from the previous week.
  • Get help in skills where someone can do it better than I can.
  • Re-commit and re-visualize everyday to stay clear why I’m doing what I am doing.
  • And when seemingly stopped, simply begin again.

Simply begin again is kind of a mantra for me these days. It comes from a the podcast, 10% Happier that featured a short meditation for beginners by Joseph Goldstein. As I’m working toward a goal and it’s not going as I hoped it would, I have two choices: lose hope, and wallow in frustration, or breathe and simply. begin. again.

Re-visualize, decide a chunk of action to “eat,” get help if needed, and simply, begin again. What goal can you apply this method to?

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Now that I’ve told you my goal, here’s the action plan board. I’ll update quarterly.


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