Like 40 at 70? Getting Closer to the Fountain of Youth

What’s possible for your health if your cells have young biology for a long time? What if at 70, your cells acted like those of a 30-40 year old?

Something is going very right with Shaklee users. Shaklee is the only supplement company with scientific studies showing Shaklee users are healthier. Here’s one.

And Shaklee recently published yet another peer-reviewed, game-changing study in Food and Nutrition Journal in November 2018. This study looked at the health of the fundamental building blocks of every organ in our body – our cells.

Here’s the punch line: Statistically, Shaklee users have unusually long telomeres. A 70 year old, who uses a full range of Shaklee supplements on a consistent basis over the years have telomere lengths more like 30-40 year olds.

Who at 70 doesn’t want telomeres more like a 30-40 year old?!!

Hold up!  What’s a telomere? Why is this a big deal?

If you like to watch stuff, here’s a good, short video about telomeres. And here’s the discoverer of telomeres, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn telling us why they are important.

If you like to read stuff, here’s a little Aging 101:

Chromosomes, located in the nucleus of our cells, holds our DNA together during cell division. DNA is the stuff that makes us, well, us. I think of chromosomes like the instruction manual or master plan of our bodies, holding all the detailed info of how to function.

Telomeres are tightly wrapped  proteins that hold the tip of our chromosomes together so our coiled DNA doesn’t unravel during cell division. An oft-used analogy is shoelaces. Those plastic tips (aglets!) on the end of the shoelaces keep the shoelaces from unraveling. Once those those plastic tips unravel, the shoelace unravels, breaks, and has to be replaced. Unfortunately, when telomeres fray off over time, we can’t get new ones. Cells can’t reproduce and they die. That means we get old, diseased, and die too. A healthy life requires long healthy telomeres.

What do you have to do to keep your telomeres long?

Start with the normal stuff of course! Eating a good, colorful, healthy diet,  exercising and practiced stress reduction seem to protect telomere lengths.

But what if there was one more thing that can make a huge difference in telomere health?

Shaklee users who use a wide range of supplements were statistically shown to have longer telomeres. As in 70 year olds having telomere lengths of 30-40 year olds. That’s big stuff! As always with biology and health, preventative action is our best action so starting young helps. However, differences can be seen in telomere lengths in as little as 5 years so it’s never to late to start giving our bodies what they need.

Would you like to just take a look? Then click here.

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