Privacy & Security Policy

Shaklee Corporation (“Shaklee,” “we,” or “our”) recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of information we collect from you. ¬†Shaklee Corporation is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information.

This Policy explains how Shaklee Corporation collects, uses, stores, shares and protects information, including personal information. Shaklee Corporation is committed to collecting, using, storing, sharing and protecting personal information responsibly. By using Shaklee Corporation’s websites, you consent to the collection of personal information. Information that is provided will only be used, stored and shared for the purposes for which you have consented.¬† This Policy covers both online and offline activities, including information that we collect through our various websites, Distributor events, phone and catalogue orders (among other methods).

Shaklee Corporation’s Collection and Use Of Information

What information do we collect?
Depending on how you interact with Shaklee Corporation, we may collect from you various types of information, which are described in more detail below. In some instances (and unless we say otherwise below), we may combine one type of information with another, and store them together in our records. In all cases, however, we strive to limit the amount of information we collect and store to that which is necessary to provide you the relevant services. Shaklee Corporation uses such information for all legal purposes and to provide products and services to you.

Personal Contact information
Shaklee Corporation collects personally identifiable information such as your name, mailing address, email and telephone numbers (home, cell, etc) entered on Shaklee Corporation’s websites or provided directly to Shaklee Corporation. In some cases, this could include information that you give us about someone else (for example, if you ask us to ship a Shaklee product to a friend). We typically collect personal contact information for registration activities, product orders, customer service, contests and promotions and customer feedback.

Payment information
This includes any information that you use to make a purchase, such as your credit card details (cardholder name, card number, expiration date, etc.), check or other forms of payment (if such are made available). This also includes the billing name and address associated with your form of payment. We only collect payment information for purchases (whether your purchase is made online, by phone, or via catalogue). If you create an account with us, your payment information (along with your order history and other related preferences) may be stored under your account. To review or edit this information, go to the relevant “My Account” section of our site or contact Customer Service.

Demographic information
This includes any information that describes your demographic. Examples may include your date of birth, age or age range, gender, general geographic location (e.g., zip code or city and state), favorite products, hobbies and interests, income information or lifestyle information. We typically collect demographic information for registration activities contests and promotions, and customer surveys. For demographic information associated with your profile on a third party social network (e.g., Facebook), see separate paragraph on “Social network info” below. Demographic information may also be used to personalize your experience on our websites. Aggregate information that cannot identify you may be used and disclosed for general business analysis.

Technical computer information
This includes any information about the computer system or other technological device that you may be using to access one of our websites or applications. We typically collect this information through the use of automated technologies such as cookies and web beacons. Examples of technical computer information may include your computer’s IP address, operating system type, and web browser type. If you access a Shaklee website or application via a mobile device such as a smartphone, the collected information may also include your phone’s unique device ID, location, and other similar mobile device data. Technical computer information is not typically associated with your personal contact information.

Website usage information
This includes information about how you use and navigate our websites and applications, including which links you click on, which pages or content you view, and other similar information or statistics about your interactions with a Shaklee site or application (e.g., date and time of visit, which site you came from, etc.). This information is captured using automated technologies such as cookies and web beacons, and may be collected regardless of the device you may be using (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Website usage information may be associated with your personal contact information.

Customer feedback
This includes information that you voluntarily share with us about your experience in using our products and services, including our websites. Examples may include unsolicited comments and suggestions, testimonials, or other feedback about what you may have liked (or disliked) about your experience in using our products or services. We typically collect this information in the form of customer surveys, feedback forms, and email correspondence.

Customer-generated content
This refers to any content that you create and then share with us (and perhaps others) by uploading it to one of our websites, including one of our Facebook pages, other social media pages or applications. Examples may include photos, videos, personal stories, or other similar media or content. We mostly collect customer-generated content for contests and promotions, website community features, engagement, and third party social networking.

Social network information
This refers to any information that is part of your profile on a third party social network (such as Facebook) and that you allow the third party social network to share with us. Examples may include your basic account information (e.g., name, email address, profile picture, gender, user ID, list of friends, etc.) and any other additional information or activities that you permit the third party social network to share with its application developers. For example, we may receive your social network information (or parts of it) when you download or interact with a Shaklee application on a social networking site (such as Facebook) or use a third party social networking feature that is integrated within a Shaklee site (such as Facebook Connect). To learn more about how your social network information may be obtained by Shaklee (or other application developers), please visit the website of the relevant third party social network.

Other information (depending on context)
This refers to any other information that we might need to collect for the specific Shaklee form, feature, or other service you are using or requesting. What this information might include will vary depending on the method of collection and the specific purpose(s) for which the information is being collected. Please see Section “How do we use your information?” for more specific examples.

How do we collect your information?
We may collect information from you through a variety of online or offline sources, which are described in more detail below. In some instances, we may combine information collected from one source (e.g., a Shaklee website) with information collected from another source (e.g., a Shaklee event or party). We do this to get a more complete view of our members and distributors, which, in turn, allows us to serve you better and with more personalization. Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to the methods of collection listed below (and to no other methods). Also note that not all of the methods listed below may be relevant to you.

Shaklee websites and applications
We may collect information from you through one of our (U.S. or international) websites or applications. This could include (a) any site that we own and control under our own domain, or (b) any site or application that we may develop and run on a third party social network such as Facebook. This could also include any site or application that we specifically design for use on a cell phone or other mobile device, such as a mobile-enabled site (a.k.a., WAP site) or mobile application.

Text messaging programs
We may collect information from you through one of our inbound text messaging programs. For example, periodically we may allow customers to send us inbound text messages using a short code that we create and advertise in connection with a special offer or promotion. These programs might be advertised at one of our Distributor events or on one of our websites or applications. If you choose to participate in one of these programs, information about your physical location may be collected and used for marketing purposes.

Email correspondence
We may collect information from you if you correspond with us via email. For example, if you send an email to customer service or use our an “Email Shaklee” feature, we may obtain certain information about you (such as your contact email address).

Other sources
Occasionally, we may obtain information about you from other sources. For example, we may hire a third party data aggregator to provide us additional information about our existing customers (this is known as “data appending”). We may also receive information from a third party co-sponsor who we may partner with to run a one-time promotion or giveaway.

How do we use your information?
The following describes the various purposes and features for which we might collect and use your information, and the different types of information that might be collected for each. Please note, however, that not all of the uses listed below may be relevant to you.

Order fulfillment
We may collect and use your information to process and ship your orders, and to inform you about the status of your orders. Depending on how you make a purchase, this could involve the collection and use of certain personal contact information, payment information, account login information, and/or information related to your purchase (such as products ordered). This could also involve the ongoing storage of your payment information to allow for easier checkout on future purchases.

Account maintenance
We may use your information to maintain your accounts with us (including administering any benefits associated with such accounts. This typically involves the use of any information originally collected to set up your account (e.g., personal contact info, payment info, account login info, demographic info, etc.).

Provide Member and Distributor services
We may collect and use your information to provide you Member and Distributor service, including responses to your inquiries. This typically requires the collection and use of certain personal contact information (such as your name or email address) and information regarding the reason for your inquiry (e.g., order status, technical issue, product question, general question, etc.). This may also include:

Creating and managing your accounts

Processing Shaklee Applications

Developing downline genealogy reports

Personalize product recommendations
We may use your information to provide you with Shaklee product recommendations and offers that are tailored to your interests. This mostly involves the use of your previous order history (e.g., from online and/or offline purchases) and certain demographic information.

Website personalization and convenience
We may collect and use your information to personalize your experience and save you time when you visit our websites. This is typically done through the use of automated technologies (such as cookies) that collect and remember certain account login information, technical information, and/or previous website usage information. For example, we might remember your login ID or username so you can quickly login the next time you visit our site or so you can easily retrieve the items you previously placed in your shopping cart. Based on this type of information, we might also show you specific Shaklee content or offers that are more relevant to your interests.

Contests and Promotions
We may collect and use your information to administer a contest, sweepstakes, giveaway, competition, or other similar marketing campaign or promotion. These events typically require the collection and use of personal contact information (for prize fulfillment), limited demographic information (for eligibility), and, in some cases, customer-generated content. Due to the customer-generated component, some promotions will be run on third party social networks such as Facebook (e.g., on our Facebook fan page or application). To comply with sweepstakes laws, we may publish or share limited information about the winners of a particular promotion.

Marketing Communications
We may collect and use your information to send you marketing communications, such as catalogues, email communications, and SMS text messages. These communications may inform you about new products, events, special discounts, and other news and special offers. Sending you these communications mostly requires the collection and use of certain personal contact information and limited demographic information (such as zip code). In some instances (such as for text messaging programs), this may involve the use of your precise geographical location (obtained from your mobile device) so that we can send you location-based offers. You can always opt-out from receiving marketing emails or text messages by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in each such communication. If you have an online account with us, you may be given the option to change your communication preferences under the relevant section of our site or by calling Customer Service. Please note that even if you opt out from receiving marketing communications, you may still receive other communications from us, such as order confirmations, notifications about account activities (e.g., account confirmations, password changes, website etc.), and other important announcements (e.g., product recalls, privacy policy changes, etc.).

Third Party Social Networking
We may collect and use your information so we can allow you to interact with online social networking features provided by third party companies such as Facebook. These tools, some of which are embedded directly into our sites, include features such as “Facebook Connect,” “Facebook Share,” and “Facebook Like.” By offering you these tools, we may be able to (i) obtain certain information about you from your profile on the third party social network (see separate paragraph on “Social network information” and, (ii) post to your profile on that social network certain content or activities that you view or interact with on our sites (such as articles, Health Science links, stories, etc.). This exchange of information only occurs when you take some kind of explicit action to permit the sharing (such as clicking on the relevant Facebook feature and creating or logging in to your Facebook account). You can learn more about how these features work by visiting the website of the relevant third party social network.

Other ways we may use your information

Comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements

Enforce our Terms and Conditions and otherwise manage our business

Who do we share your information with?
We may share your information with certain individuals, Shaklee distributors, companies (or in the situations) described below. We do not rent or sell your information to third party companies.

Third Party Service Providers
We use third party service providers to help us operate our business or administer activities on our behalf, such as sending emails, fulfilling your product and service requests, mailing products or managing payments. We may share your information with these third parties for limited purposes. These third parties are only allowed to use your information for the specific task they’ve been hired to do, and for no other purpose. They’re also required to keep your information confidential and secure.

Shaklee Independent Distributors
Purchases of Shaklee products through our websites are credited to a Shaklee Independent Distributor, who is available to provide service, information and/or guidance in taking advantage of the benefits of membership in Shaklee. Information you provide to us will also be provided to the Shaklee Independent Distributor to whom your purchase has been assigned in order to facilitate that experience.

If you are a Shaklee Independent Distributor, we may disclose certain personal information such as your contact information to customers seeking a Shaklee Independent Distributor or to other Shaklee Independent Distributors such as your upline Business Leader.

Shaklee Members
If you are a Shaklee Member, we may disclose certain personal information such as your contact information to your sponsor or Business Leader of record.

Business Transfer
The consent customers have provided herein to the use of their personal information by Shaklee Corporation or its affiliates, shall also extend to any person or corporation to which Shaklee Corporation may transfer its business, or in the event of a merger, sale or assignment of all or a portion of our assets or stock.

Other Disclosures
We may disclose your personal information where required or permitted by law or to protect and defend the rights of Shaklee Corporation.

How do we protect your information?

We are committed to keeping personal information secure. This website has security measures to help protect against loss, misuse and alteration of sensitive information such as credit card and social security numbers. Shaklee Corporation uses security measures consistent with standard industry practice to protect that information.

Measures you can take
It is also important for you to play a role in keeping your information safe. When signing up for an online account, please be sure to choose an account password that is hard for others to guess and never to reveal it to anyone else. If you use a shared or public computer, never choose to have your login ID or password remembered and make sure to log out of your account every time you leave the computer. You should also make use of any privacy features or controls we may provide you in our website community areas.

Other Important Information
This section provides additional policy information that is important for you to know or that we may be required to tell you by law

Shaklee Corporation does not solicit personal information from or market to children under the age of 18.

Public Forums
Shaklee Corporation makes public forums, such as chat rooms, message boards, Twitter, or Facebook (“Public Forums”), available to you. Shaklee Corporation asks that you use appropriate caution in disclosing personal information in Public Forums since information disclosed in these areas becomes public information. The privacy provisions herein shall not apply to any personal information submitted via any of the Public Forums.

Links to Other Websites
This site may contain links to other sites that are not operated by Shaklee Corporation. Shaklee Corporation is not responsible for the contents of such other websites. In particular, Shaklee Corporation is not responsible for the privacy notices or practices provided in such other websites. We provide such links only as a convenience and the inclusion of such links do not imply endorsement of the other sites by Shaklee Corporation.

Opting Out or Modifications
If you prefer not to receive email messages, text messages or other communications from Shaklee Corporation about new products, promotions or events, you may opt out at any time from receiving such messages by following the “unsubscribe” instructions in such email or text message you received.

If you registered with our website, you will be able to review, modify, update or remove certain information in your account profile page. Changes may not be effective immediately. We will endeavor to comply with your request as soon as reasonably possible. However, we may need to retain certain information for record keeping purposes. We are not responsible for removing information in a third party’s database or records (including our Service Providers and Shaklee Independent Distributors) with whom we have already shared your information.

You may also opt out or modify your account information at any time by sending us an email to

Updates To This Privacy Policy
Shaklee Corporation reserves the right to make changes to this Policy. In the event we make a material change to this Policy, it will be posted here. We encourage you to check this page regularly since your continued use of the Shaklee websites after any changes will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of such changes.