5-Day Reset – Feel better in 5 days.

5 Days of 3 Energizing Shakes, lots of anti-inflammatory foods, gentle, safe herbs:

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Keeping It Moving

What do you like to do? Run? Play Tennis? Coach? Soccer with friends on Saturday morning? Dancing on Thursday nights? Power yoga? Support your muscles, joints, and cells to stay ready to move for a long, long time.

Basic full range nutrition gives the body what it needs to power through workouts.
Shaklee Sports Nutrition Products
It’s what the Shaklee Pure Performance Team of USA Olympic athletes use to build, recover, then turn around and do it again the next day. They can’t mess around, right? It’s good stuff.
Joint Health Complex
All vegetarian and people report feeling better in just 5 days.
Complete bone nutrition.

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I gotta get well now

This is a no-nonsense package. If immunity is on a downward slide, a full range of supplements is important. I know. I’ve been there and this works. Order this package and I’ll add a free health assessment to support you in every way I can using a full toolbox of knowledge and experience.

College Survival Care package

Instant safe energy, healthy snacks, just a few key supplements to support the immune system with a little encouragement to keep the place clean. Send them off to school will a little TLC.

Shaklee 180 Meal bars and Snack Bars

Blueberry Almond? Peanut Butter Chocolate? White Chocolate Cinnamon?Cherry Almond? Chocolate & Coconut? Peanut Butter Crunch? Toffee and Chocolate Crunch?  There’s no wrong answer. Packed with protein, fiber and nutrition, Mac and Cheese’s got nothing on this stuff.
MindWorks™- For better focus, clarity, and memory. This is MUCH safer then ADD drugs used by 31% of college students. Good kids need good support.
Pure Energy Chews – for an instant, safe energy boost
Basic H2 + spray bottles
Fresh Laundry Concentrate (regular or fragrance free)
Soft Fabric Dryer Sheets (veggie based)

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Energy 101

Got young kids? Two jobs? Long hours? A really busy life? Make sure your body gets all the basics it needs + those extra nutrients needed for better energy and stamina!

Energizing Soy Protein
Vita Lea
Fiber Tablets (best taken at the same time as the protein)

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I’m gonna live to be 100!

So, don’t mess around. Follow Dr. McManus’, MD, Rx for Healthier Life™ It’s about reducing the risk of disease over a lifetime. To learn about the Shaklee difference, we have a 2 minute video and an expanded 7 minute video so you can know how Shaklee stands out in the crowded nutritional supplementation pack.

Rx for a Healthier Life  (also available in Kosher)
Choose Life Strip (with Vivix™ Gel Caps), Vitalizer (with liquid Vivix™), or Kosher
Joint Health Complex – all vegetarian!

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