Earn Free Shaklee Products

Shaklee offers a lot of products for health, personal care, and home that everybody uses. Like vitamins, herbs, shampoo, moisturizers, water pitchers and the like. We are the best of a health store and then some. By shopping for these common products with Shaklee, a customer can reduce the amount they pay for Shaklee products. Everybody likes that!

Shaklee products are 100% guaranteed to be always safe, always work, and always green. They are backed by pure science and the company is committed to making the world a better place while staying environmentally neutral (no CO2 impact).

It’s a good deal to tell others about Shaklee.

1. Refer others.

When you refer someone by introducing me to them via in person or an email,I’m glad to thank you with a coupon in thanks for their first order.

10% of their first order up to $100

15% of their first order up over $100.

You can use that coupon to try a new product. You can save coupons and use them together up to $50 at a time. And, if they repeatedly order after that, I’ll call and describe our point value system.

Contact me for ideas of how to refer people if you’d like.

2. Listen and Learn
If you are like me, you love to learn. You want to know why something works, how it works, when it works. You like listening to experts. We offer a great learn and earn program. We offer $5 coupons for doing simple things like listening to a CD or MP3 as you are out and about, watching DVD’s, attending Internet webinars, and/or reading about selected health topics. There is a wide-range of options; something for everyone.

Contact me for more details about the Learn To Earn program.

3. Invite Susan to speak.
Boston Natural Products offers a variety of speaking topics for small home groups, mom’s groups, schools, community programs, and more. Have a girl’s night out with skin care or a group over for natural support for autistic children. I am glad to thank you with a $10 coupon for each person who participates in the presentation and of course, the referral thank you program above. It’s common to enjoy $75- $100 of free products by hosting a group of five.

Group presentations such as our Nutrition Presentation, Healthy Home, Healthy Life, Mac and Cheese, Again?, Olympic-Safe Nutrition for Student and Adult Athletes, and the Energy and Stress Relief are very popular. Hosts receive a stipend per person that is used for their next product order. Learn about other topics or contact me for more information.

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