Earn more then free Shaklee products: Create a lifestyle

“Happiness is the reward of creative thought, so, if you want to be happy, set about creating happiness. Happiness comes from doing, not from wishful thinking.”

– Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee.

A valued aspect of “my life that works” is flexibility. Another is I love my job. I wish I could do it more! Can you imagine saying the same?

Boston Natural Products has a partners process for those who want to create a business they love based on their passions, gifts and talents. The new business gets the best of both businesses – combined resources, skills, and training, yet remains unique. Few people know how to sell, market effectively, do accounting, etc. It’s a privilege to create a business with those who have done it before. A strong team providing business coaching is a relief to new partners. No MBA required. The highest quality a successful Shaklee Independent Distributor has? Determination.

I’ve built a business based on passions for life, joy, travel, environmental stewardship, and for dynamic living. It’s all seeded in love, wonder, and freedom, all according to my own gifts and talents. That’s my version of what a business featuring Shaklee products offered me. It is indeed a beautiful life.

Those who need extra income or replacement income but who also crave a flexible lifestyle, may interview for new distributorships. We can show the right person how, with training and coaching, they can earn an extra $1000 per month or $10,000 per month. Sales experience is helpful, but not required. Find out why Shaklee has been a trustworthy direct sales company for 59 years.

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