Reversing Sudden Cognitive Decline

At first, the comments between family members were, ”She’s really going down hill! She’s forgetting a lot.” Then, her restless increased: Up too early, too demanding and angry over little things, constantly fretting about money, refusing to go out and yet complaining about loneliness.

One evening she asks, “Who was that slender woman in my room?” The next morning, she’s weird-eyed, wearing a old stained T-shirt, and some crazy pants never seen before. She’s incessantly saying, “I’m so confused! I’m so confused!” She can’t hear or see very well. It’s serious and everything is dropped for an ER visit..

Sudden Cognitive Decline

The doctors say it’s not a stroke or even micro-strokes. It’s Sudden Cognitive Decline. What action can you possible take when your loved one is drastically changed, seemingly overnight, and there isn’t any medical treatment?

My family experienced that scenario just 6 weeks ago. My 91½ year old mother was just old, cranky, and forgetful – then suddenly “gone!” My nephew took the good action he could do then he called me. “If you want your mother to remember you, you better come quick!” I flew out there pronto!

When I arrived, my mother was hallucinating voices and visions. I had to shout for her to hear. Her eyes were glazed over and had that “nobody’s home” look. She could barely dress herself and get into a car. She wanted to stay in bed because she didn’t know what to do which led to seriously weakened, painful  neck muscles. My sister-in-law become “that girl I live with.” She asked my brother “Are you my father?” and me, “Are you my daughter? I think you are my daughter.”

I thank God for the skills and passionate business direction I solidified 2 ½ years ago! I help families develop a plan of action to reverse cognitive decline with action in eight  different areas of lifestyle. However, this was the first time I ever used the protocol on a loved one – and it worked rapidly.

Within 4-5 days the hallucinations stopped and the incessant, “I’m confused!” was confined to the morning. Mom’s hearing returned to normal. Her audiologist said she had  an internal brain processing problem which resolved. By about 10 days, Mom certainly recognized us all again and remembered our names. Three weeks later, even Mom’s short-term memory improved as she remembered events from the day before. Best of all, Mom’s humor returned – humor is complicated because you have to understand a situation well to create something funny out of it – a true victory.

Mom is not out of the woods yet and we’ve moved her into Assisted Living. I initially looked at Memory Care, but she recovered and solidly assessed as needing less care. The turn-around felt miraculous.

I help families whose loved ones are in age-related mental decline, be it dementia, Alzheimers’, or Sudden Cognitive Decline and have a  confident plan of action, peace of mind, and joy of seeing their loved ones improve. If you know someone going down the path of decline, please refer the family to me.

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