Boston Natural Products has a wide network of resources to serve our customers, clients, business partners, and the wider community. Select the services that make the most sense for your needs.

Client Services

Long-termed health is multidimensional. A torn hamstring can be helped with your doctor’s help, ice and pain killers. But to heal fast, to be back on one’s feet in a few days, another approach is needed. Knowing who to call and what options are going to work to get results fast separates us from being just a product company.

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Corporate speaking programs are perfect breakfast or lunch seminars. Shown to decrease employee lost time hours, wellness education is popular with employees and build employee/ employer relationships. The current list of seminar topics

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The Pollution Reduction Initiative. 200 homes and offices within a community have the power to slash 50,000 pounds of greenhouse gases, 21,000 pounds of packaging waste, and 1300 gallons of oil.

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Referral Rewards Program

Unlike a store, our product partner wants to reward you for referring their products either a little or a lot. You choose.

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