Breakfast or lunch seminars are a great resource to encourage healthy lifestyles. Shown to decrease employee lost time hours, wellness education is popular with employees and builds employee/employer relationships. Here is the current list of seminar topics.

Employee consultation plans: People who feel better are more productive. To support your business’ desire for a healthy, energetic workforce, we offer lunchtime healthy weight clubs, access to natural health providers, and personal health consultations. It’s a nice way to show your employees you really care.

Healthier office environments. We have done the legwork for you to provide the resources you need to keep your work environment safe and clean.

  • We make it easy for business to embrace truly green cleaners that can proudly be advertised as good PR. Of course our products are GS-37 certified for LEED approval.
  • We also provide training to those who help keep your workplace clean. You can rest easy knowing that your service industry people are safe and healthy while working for you.
  • Your finance department will like that our products will slash your cleaning supply bills. Contact us for cost and criteria based comparisons of our recommended cleaning products.
  • Our services network can help the space, mood, ergonomics, and even strategically landscape your office for better oxygen and beauty so customers feel better when doing business with your company. Customers buy more in aesthetically pleasing environments.

It’s easy to find out more – we encourage you to ask questions in order to find out if Boston Natural Products corporate services are right for you.