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Energy and Stress Relief

  • The role of diet and nutrition in feeling energetic.
  • The role of the environment’s added stressers.
  • Attaining deep rest.
  • Changing our view of stress: becoming proactive.

New Attitudes in Nutrition

  • Our food has changed – now what?
  • Life stage related needs
  • Not all calories are the same
  • Actions for optimal health
  • Environmental impacts on our cells.

Strategies for Preventative Health

  • Diet and nutrition for optimal health
  • The role of exercise in immunity protection
  • Proactive medical care
  • Proactive stress management
  • Proactive self-care – supplements and alternative care

Mac and Cheese, Again?

  • Re-defining the problem of children’s health
  • Reducing sick leave
  • Picky eaters
  • Nutrition for the brain
  • Energizing busy parents
  • Getting through cold and flu season
  • Managing stress

The Pollution Reduction Initiative – Communities working together to Slash Multiple Forms of Pollution.

  • What’s in our homes and why we must pay attention
  • What guides our choices
  • Criteria for best choices
  • The positive impact of best choices
  • Committing to best choices – working together to reduce many forms of pollution.