Referral Rewards Program

Ever pass a recommendation about a favorite movie, book, restaurant, or ice cream?

If you know about Shaklee, someone shared Shaklee. You can’t get Shaklee at a drug store, a grocery store, or a department store.

Shaklee™ is sold differently because it’s founder, Dr. Forest C. Shaklee, believed that ordinary people, not corporations, should be rewarded for recommending his products. It’s how Shaklee’s been sold for over 59 years. It’s easy to trust products when you see them work for others. It’s easy to get good information because there’s a whole network of people that want the best for you. And, it feels really good to offer better health and a better life to others.

When you feel better and have more energy, it shows. People may ask, or you may find yourself talking about how you feel better. Most people want to feel better too, right? Whether you find yourself sharing products, or want significant extra cash, it’s good to know about our referral rewards program.

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