The Kind of Health That Transforms Lives

You’re here because you are seeking a better solution. You feel stuck and you’ve been searching for a new way to feel better. Maybe you’ve thought,  “If I could just  ______, then I’d have my life back again.”

I help people who are feeling stuck in their health to rekindle the kind of health that transforms lives.

In my consultation services, I look through the lens of a chemist’s eye. I think about the cells and the body’s chemical functions. What is one system’s affect on another? What can be recommended to support what the body needs and improve it’s function at the most basic levels?

After considering the data we have, I recommend personalized, research- based, vitamin and supplement packages designed to promote your body’s cells and systems from the bottom up.

Why add a vitamin package verses eating better?

As nature transforms after it’s winter sleep, it produces life and fruit in proportion to the sun, nutrients, water and fertilizer available. Nature thrives when what it needs is provided in abundance.

Our bodies are able to transform when our cells and systems are provided for – more then what we can get from food, in most cases, in order to thrive. That’s why I focus on safe, nutritional supplements. I’ve meticulously vetted the products I offer so they are always safe and always do their job.

If you are looking for that kind of “I’ve got my life back” transformation, click here to connect with me for a free 20 minute consultation to see if my consultation is right for you. I’ll answer your questions about the process and share what you can expect so you know we’re the right fit to support your health.

My consultation rate is currently $165.00 payable by Venmo, certified check , PayPal or cash. Rates are subject to change.