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Bone Health: What’s new?

Oft-repeated basics of bone health are eat  dairy products and greens to get enough calcium and vitamin D3, get enough sleep, and do weight bearing exercise. Current research say that’s not enough! There’s more we can do to preserve bone … Continue reading

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Like 40 at 70? Getting Closer to the Fountain of Youth

What’s possible for your health if your cells have young biology for a long time? What if at 70, your cells acted like those of a 30-40 year old? Something is going very right with Shaklee users. Shaklee is the … Continue reading

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Tech is Made for Stress

“Monkey Brain” is a common name for the part of our primal brain that is always alert, searching for anything novel. If “Monkey Brain” thinks it’s in danger, it will ping our adrenal system – the one that does fight, flight, … Continue reading

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