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“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

That sentiment is really dumb. Don’t sleep? You’ll be dead sooner. And sicker, and much more likely to have serious memory issues such as Alzheimer’s in later life. What a rosy outlook. If you generally wake up without an alarm, … Continue reading

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Reversing Sudden Cognitive Decline

At first, the comments between family members were, ”She’s really going down hill! She’s forgetting a lot.” Then, her restless increased: Up too early, too demanding and angry over little things, constantly fretting about money, refusing to go out and … Continue reading

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The biological Sons of Liberty and the War State of Stress

Flashback to your Revolutionary history; remember the Sons of Liberty? Our founding fathers were great at beefing up political problems. Oh those rabble-rousers! Those inciters! Those stirring up the system to fight against a repressive, invading regime! The biological rabble: … Continue reading

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Genetic Testing: Scary or Empowering?

We are just touching the surface of what we can learn from our genetics. Until recently, many behavior/lifestyle oriented diseases like obesity and mental health has been diagnosed and treated symptomatically. For quite a while scientists have busily uncovered genes associated with a … Continue reading

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We Need to Chat About Mental Health

Yes, really. You or someone close to you will benefit from this information. About 20% of Americans will be treated for mental health related concerns in their lifetime. Many more will suffer in silence, perhaps not wanting to be labeled, not … Continue reading

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