“Susan is a wonderful professional. From the moment we spoke I felt her true interest in me and my health issues. She delved right into excellent intake questions and clearly wanted to figure things out for me in order to set me on a healthier more comfortable path. Her knowledge, along with her intuition are stellar. Susan has an incredible background in Chemistry which allows her a fresh perspective in problem solving. She listens well and knows her products too. I can’t think of a more committed professional. Anyone who works with her will get a dedicated, compassionate, focused person who will work hard to help clients feel better.”

Sue K.

“After using vitalizer for over 6 months now I can really feel the difference that was not evident right away. With little change to my diet or routine I feel like I have more energy. Getting up in the morning isn’t quite as hard as it used to be. Plus I feel like my body can take a hit and recover faster whether it’s from a cut or a pulled muscle. It’s been exciting to see these changes develop and I look forward to continued results!”


“With 3 deadlines pending at work and going to school full time, my stress levels were at a max.  I took Stress Relief Complex with me to work a few times before our closing of a multimillion dollar deal and it really helped take the edge off and helped to calm me down, which is so important at crunch time.  It’s much easier to focus and get what needs to get done, done, when you aren’t stressing out! Stress Relief Complex is great!”


“My hands were starting to shake. I had severe pain in my shoulder – a spiking pain. The doctor said it was arthritis. I asked Susan if she had any suggestions. First she recommended Vivix™ and in just a week, my wife noticed that my hands weren’t shaking as much. If I take half in the morning and half in the afternoon, my hands don’t shake. It’s marvelous! Then Susan suggested Joint Health Complex for my shoulder and in just a couple of weeks the pain is gone. I’m so thankful!”


I have battled psoriasis for about 15 years. I’ve seen dermatologists, tried all kinds of prescribed medications, every cream and soap that I had heard might help to alleviate it. I had it on my hands for the last five years or so and it was quite painful to wash my hands or even fold clothes. Not to mention also very embarrassing. Susan and I sat down about a year ago. She recommended a Shaklee  program that finally did the trick and my life has improved so much! It’s no longer embarrassing to shake someone’s hand, and I can wash dishes, cook, do laundry, etc. I’ve also tried Shaklee’s cleaners including laundry detergent that I was very happy with. Shaklee makes wonderful products, and Susan is a very kind person who is very easy to open up too. She is thorough and thoughtful in her approach to assessing what products would be beneficial. I strongly recommend Boston Natural Products.

Amelia L.

“I felt fried in the final weeks of my accelerated bachelor’s degree. Susan gave me MindWorks to try. One thing is for sure, MindWorks provided assistance. I usually have random headaches and writing all these papers would put me in a sour mood. But I noticed I had no headaches and I seemed more focused and aware. Clarity is the word I’m looking for here. It was as if my office had some fresh air and the lighting was bit better. This was a good experience.”


“My hands were tingling and I read fish oil might help. I bought some at Walmart, but it didn’t help. My husband said, “You know I have some Shaklee, why don’t you try it?” It worked! In a week, the tingling stopped and hasn’t returned.”


“I couldn’t take Glucosamine because I’m allergic to shellfish. I tried the Shaklee Joint Health Complex because it was vegetarian. It does seem to help and my back feels better. I can garden again!”


“We’ve been using the Britta water pitcher and filters in bulk from Costco. I just received a year’s worth of water (the Get Clean pitcher and 4 filters) and after only a few days I wanted to write this testimonial because the fact is that my drinking water tastes so much better. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it,  I am never going back. Plus the quality of the filter and pitcher are superior and I no longer have to clean out those little black charcoal bits that leak out of every Britta filter we used.”