The biological Sons of Liberty and the War State of Stress

Flashback to your Revolutionary history; remember the Sons of Liberty? Our founding fathers were great at beefing up political problems. Oh those rabble-rousers! Those inciters! Those stirring up the system to fight against a repressive, invading regime!

The biological rabble: Cortisol and Adrenaline

A dog barking, a flashing light, a pinging phone, all catch the attention of a small, primal area of our brain called the amygdala. If threatened, it sends a distress signal to our command system- the hypothalamus, activating our nervous system into action. The adrenal glands respond to rouse the troops- adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline signals “move it, freeze it or fight it!” Cortisol directs different systems to power up or power down.  It all happens in a second.It’s a wondrous system when we’re pursued by a wild boar. Not so great when that dang dog next door wakes you up AGAIN with it’s stupid barking, your phone pings, or when spilled milk feels like a personal attack.

We can proactively reduce the risks associated with stress. 

(It takes more then yoga.)

Chronic environmental, relational, work, money  and tech stress causes 77% percent of Americans regularly feel stress in their daily lives. 60-80% of all doctor visits are for stress related illnessesOften poor health rears its ugly head, ironically, just about retirement time.

We may not be able to change our circumstances, but we can lessen stress’ impact starting with getting really clear and true about our own levels of stress. Click here for a super  quick tool to assess your level of stress..  Anything over a score of 50 is a warning sign, especially if there is a family history of disease.

Might a consultation with me be right for you or someone else you know?

Someone with high stress or anxiety plus a family history of disease would greatly benefit with a personal consultation. I help people unveil their unique response to stress and provide a truly personal support program designed to blunt the effects of stress so my clients feel less captive to those rabble rousing stress hormones.

If you’re pretty healthy and don’t have a strong family history of disease

Here are my favorites for a 90-day starter program. Order either package through the links provided and you’ll receive my  “90-Days to Success” consulting absolutely free!

An easier and better package would be

Thanks for reading!

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