Vitamin Programs for Adults with ADHD and ADD

Adults with attention deficits have their own challenges. Focus can be improved when our system has everything needed to support its best function.

Here are my recommendations to support nutrition for adults who want better focus.*

Start by eating the best, balanced diet with the widest range of colors and variety that you are willing to do. You get better, faster results.

Exercise – Yes, another exercise recommendation! If you don’t exercise, get off your duff. Besides fitness and a healthier heart, you also get endorphins – the feel good hormones – and be happier as you commune with nature. Even 10 minutes of walking helps!

More nutrition helps!

ADHD for instance, has been associated with iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin and certain amino acid deficiencies, even if people follow healthy diets.

Cover the basics to cross possible deficiencies off the list.

Here’s a good supplement package to support focus:

A Better Nutritional Package

Other really helpful supplements:

  • Stress Relief Complex – takes the edge off stress and helps many sleep.**
  • Gentle Sleep Complex – promotes relaxation and a calm state**
  • Moodlift – supports positive mental outlook**
  • OmegaGuard – It’s a fish oil commercial- again! The Omega-3’s in fish oil are associated with better focus.** If you use the Vitalizing Plan, three  small capsules a day would be beneficial. If not, research suggests EPA/DHA equivalents of at least 6 of our small capsules a day. You’ll like that these aren’t horse pill sized!

Contact me if you have questions about a personal program for you. I’m glad to arrange for a 15 minute free consult to listen to your personal needs.

A couple of important notes:

*What I recommend is never intended to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent or take the place of your doctor’s care. You can be sure that these recommendations are always safe and the products are 100% guaranteed.

** The FDA hasn’t evaluated these statements. They are based on published scientific research.


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