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What I Do

Has anyone genuinely listened to your health story?

I help clients find great supplement support that helps shift those downward trends towards healthier, stronger, better lives. I offer consultations, product consults, and quality natural products that are vigorously vetted, always work, and are always safe.

I save you time and uncertainty.

It may seem faster and easier to “just try something” recommended by a well-meaning friend, article, or infomercial, but I’ve done your homework.

I have sifted through scientific research for decades. I meticulously scrutinize products so you don’t waste time wondering if a supplement will work or if it’s safe. To my clients’ relief, most start feeling a shift most often between 14 - 30 days.

Client Quote

From the moment we spoke I felt Susan’s true interest in me and my health issues. She delved right into excellent intake questions and clearly wanted to figure things out for me.”

Sue K.

Boston Natural Products Client

The most frequently asked questions about consultations:

What is a consultation?

Maybe you’ve asked for suggestions from a store employee or a pharmacist? Maybe your friends offered suggestions of something they saw or tried? Maybe you read something on-line? When we talk, it’s so much more – specifically about you.

Guided by my science-based analytical method developed with the help of internist and pediatrician, Dr. Linda Rodriguez, MD and nutritionist Gemma Gorham, B.S. MPH, I ask detailed questions designed to connect the dots on what your body is saying about your whole health. With my strategic recommendations, my clients often feel a difference quickly and over time, like the appreciate the surprise of nice side benefits.

What happens in a consultation and what’s the timeline?

The process, start to finish, usually takes about 1-2 weeks, depending on our schedules. After a thorough questionnaire and video conference, I review and analyze all I’ve heard and any available data. I may do extra research on your behalf. When your recommendations are ready, we discuss them thoroughly. You’ll know the benefit of anything I suggest.

Your recommendations are yours to keep. If you choose to become a customer, we’ll get you started with high quality products. We connect often at first and measure outcomes at 0, 30, 60, and 90 days to be sure you are moving toward your goals.

Are you a doctor?

No. I prefer to work with your doctor as I am not qualified to diagnosis, prescribe or treat any disease. That’s their job.

I am a chemist. Our bodies are miraculous organisms naturally designed to thrive. I look to nature’s provisions, in concentrated form, to help the body do what it is meant to do – grow healthy, functioning cells, organs and systems. With plentiful nutrients supporting a healthier lifestyle, bodies have the best chance to naturally heal.

Who gets the best results following a consultation?

My happiest clients, the ones who get the best results, act to get the results they want. They are “all in” in their commitment. They are consistent with their product and lifestyle recommendations. These are the clients are also most likely to see side benefits. The whole body benefits when provide a banquet for all it needs.

Can I just get vitamin recommendations?

Sure. My product page offers some most-often recommended products or, you can schedule a short call to see if what I have will be a good fit with your goals. I will gladly point you toward helpful products. I’m glad to help you get started. I provide great customer service and want you to be really happy with your products.

In these calls, I do not compare or analyze products form other brands as I do in consultations.

What if I don’t know if a consultation is for me?

That’s exactly why I offer short, get to know you calls. I am most interested in finding what is best for you. We’d know pretty quick how I can best be of service for you. I will be honest with you about that. If we work together on a consultation, you’ll want to feel confident and committed.

How much does a consultation cost?

I charge a onetime fee for consultations starting at $235. Memory decline, which is more involved, starts at $345.

If a consultation client becomes a product customer, they enjoy complimentary on-going support proportional to their commitment. On average, most product packages are in the $150ish range per month.

What My Clients Say

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