When Going to School is Excruciating Because of Behavior

For some kids, going to school, well, sucks.

This blog is for parents of kids who dread going to school each day because they are afraid of getting into trouble – again.

Often these children are very active and sitting quietly is horrible. They fidget, cause distractions, and squirm. Adults may label these kids as disruptive. Teachers call home alot. Ritalin™ or Aderoll™ might be suggested by a doctor to help them “focus.”

What if, as multiple research studies indicate, attention deficits and disruptive behavior, restlessness, and lashing out are exasperated by hidden nutritional inefficiencies, deficiencies, and/or food allergies?

Diet, behavior and mental health have a well established link. (see also the many, many references at the bottom of the article.)  “White food eaters” have it the worst. These children have more ADHD, behavior “issues” and mental health problems as teens then those who have sustained and absorbed a more balanced diet.

Absorbed? That’s new!

Parents may offer a great range of healthy foods and children still may have hidden nutritional deficiencies. Children with ADHD for instance, commonly have iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin and certain amino acid deficiencies, even if they are offered  healthy diets.

It never hurts to try a higher level of safe, supplemented nutrition suggested by these studies. I help parents by recommending a sensible range of nutrition that’s personalized for their child. The results can be quite stunning. See Joshua’s story below.

For the kids who act out in frustration, anger, and anxiety, I also help guide families in the quest for hidden, key food allergies. These allergies aren’t associated with hives or breathing difficulties. Eliminating seemingly benign foods can seem miraculous!

I’ll post another blog next week with common vitamin and supplement recommendations for kids. In two weeks, I’ll post common recommendations for adults with ADD/ADHD.

Read on for Joshua’s story:

Note: I’ve edited Kathy’s story about her son, Joshua. If you’d like the full story, just ask.

“Joshua started kindergarten and right away, his teacher told us she thought he had an attention problem. Sure enough, he tested for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The doctor strongly suggested Ritalin so we tried it. If the dosage was weak, it did not seem to do any good and a higher dose made him a zombie.

We chose to take him off the drug and went to a psychiatrist who recommended alternating Imipramine and Zoloft. When that failed, we tried Clonidine then later Dexedrine. Not more than 2 days would go by that we did not get a call from a teacher, the principal, bus tickets from bus drivers, or calls from school counselors. I cannot begin to tell you of the frustration, anger, turmoil and the strain it put on our marriage.

I (also) cannot begin to tell you how drastically it [supplementation] changed our lives in such a short time. Joshua is calmer and more relaxed than he has ever been. In 5 weeks he only had trouble once. He is the wonderful child I always knew was inside that body!”


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