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I sell excellent products.

They won’t be in your face. No hype. No bells and whistle. No “just wait, there’s more.”

Look around and see a different approach to choosing supplements. My clients feel it made all the difference in the world. What would these results be like for you?

More is needed.

A Multi-Nutritional, Individualized
Approach To Mental Health

Better your vitamin and supplement support.

So much more than a pharmaceutical consult - your supplements need to make a difference. My natural, science-based consultation method is designed to address how the body functions. Much can be overlooked and is why using multiple nutrients works better. Using a comprehensive approach, it typically takes only 6-8 weeks for the body to respond to its revitalized cells. Clients feel better, more energetic and are better able to address the key aspects of their mental health.

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Susan Buta,

See the Difference

Why Work With Me?



Clients benefit from truly personal consultations. Their product recommendations are based on a proven method and solid science.



Through the lens of my vast experience and education, I listen to your experience. I take the time to think, research, and connect the dots for your benefit.



I’ve helped customers and clients with strategic supplement plans for over twenty years. Thoughtfully considered, top quality products make the real difference in my client’s lives.



Good science, vast experience, generous educational outreach, and client results built my reputation as a trustworthy advisor for better mental and physical health support.

Some of My Target Services

Brain and Mental Health

  • stressful life
  • anxious feelings
  • mood and outlook
  • cell health

Memory and Focus

  • memory support
  • clarity and focus
  • brain fog
  • healthy aging
  • ADD / ADHD


  • energy
  • digestion
  • pain
  • endurance
  • sleep
  • healthier skin

Looking for
a Customized Health Solution?

You are unique and so are your life experiences. Thoughtful, strategic, targeted supplement programs help people get more of the results they want. My skills save endless Internet searches, infomercials, and whole lot of time.

Questions and answers

1. How do I know if a consultation is right for me?

Does this sound like you?

I’m really busy. I don’t have time or brain space for endless Internet searches, advice articles, and dealing with pop up boxes. I value personalized, expert, and trusted advice from someone who knows their field. They make my life easier because they know how to get it right. When they guide me to my best choices, I get results and I’m really happy.

Sounds like you, or close? We’re a really good fit for a consultation.
Sound really good but… Schedule a 10 min chat and be sure.
I’m a rugged individualist. Enjoy the journey! Check out my products and why I chose them.

2. How do I make an appointment or book a consultation?

Scroll down for a "book a consultation" button or to schedule a short call. For a consultation, I’ll reply with a confirmation email with easy instructions for our next step.

3. Where are you located?

My office in Boston’s Back Bay and visited only by appointment. Most of my clients prefer to meet virtually and where life is more casual and comfortable - such as in a coffee shop.

4. Would you consider being a feature presenter at an event, conference or podcast?

Yes! I love people, public speaking, and spreading good news about better brain, body and mind health. Corporate speaking programs are perfect for breakfast or lunch seminars. Shown to decrease employee lost time hours, wellness education is a perfect way to build employee / employer relationships. Please contact me for more info.

5. If I tore a hamstring, could you help a fitness fan?

Oh I’ve been there. Water-skiing blunder..... oh ouch. The doctor said it would be weeks, but I was walking in five days. Likely, I can offer support.

Of course, first seek your doctor’s advice. To heal fast and get back on your feet as soon as possible, recovery is multidimensional. Knowing options that promotes relief fast separates me from just selling products. Your power is in being prepared before an injury. Connect with me while you are healthy and active to learn about helpful options for recovery and everyday performance.



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Hours Experience

For over 20 years, I’ve honed my expertise as a key partner for your health.



The time most clients report feeling the first differences. Individual results may vary depending on each person’s goals and consistency.


Learn more about Susan's educational events, stay up to date on the products that can help you, and see if you can benefit from taking action now.