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We're about extraordinary health - the kind that never gets in the way of what we want to do. Select a goal - Healthier, Stronger, Feel Better. Try a survey and know you're in the right place!


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You're here because you're seeking a better solution in an area of health important to you. You'll find popular starter packages that help people feel better and know their health is moving up.


Health That Transforms Lives

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Health That Transforms Lives

I help people who are frustrated with their 'stuck' health turn toward the kind of health that transforms life. See more about consultation plans here.

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Imagine having better memory, focus, clarity, and reaction time? Or, having more energy, less stress, anxiety, or mood swings? With Shaklee natural nutrition, a network of services, and consultation with a chemist’s eye, clients get these types of results fast. And that’s what happened to me.

Are you ready for the results you want?

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“Susan is a wonderful professional. From the moment we spoke I felt her true interest in me and my health issues. She delved right into excellent intake questions and clearly wanted to figure things out for me in order to set me on a healthier more comfortable path. Her knowledge, along with her intuition are stellar. Susan has an incredible background in Chemistry which allows her a fresh perspective in problem solving. She listens well and knows her products too. I can’t think of a more committed professional. Anyone who works with her will get a dedicated, compassionate, focused person who will work hard to help clients feel better.”

Sue K.

“After using vitalizer for over 6 months now I can really feel the difference that was not evident right away. With little change to my diet or routine I feel like I have more energy. Getting up in the morning isn’t quite as hard as it used to be. Plus I feel like my body can take a hit and recover faster whether it’s from a cut or a pulled muscle. It’s been exciting to see these changes develop and I look forward to continued results!”

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