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Since you are here, you are likely looking for something better to help you. I offer several ways to connect with me depending on what is right for you at this time. Learn more about the process and benefits.

What I Do.


If you’re generally a busy person with or more frustrating health issues and you’re looking for new answers, it is best to have this sit-down call.

Is a consultation right for me?

Good question! That’s why I offer 10 minute chats to help us find out by discussing a few key points about your situation. Schedule 10 Minutes with Susan.

What if I want to order products without a consultation?

If you and I feel that starting with a few products first is a better option than a consultation, I will tell you honestly. You will still receive the excellent product support expected from a Shaklee Business Leader. Ask me if this is may be right for you.

What can I learn from Susan in 10 minutes?

Mental and Emotional Health
• Is there more for me here than what I’m already doing? How so?
• How will you work with my doctor to find the most well-rounded coverage for me?
• What can I do to overcome my most frustrating symptom quickly?

Stress and Fatigue
• How can I take the edge off quick before looking for long-term rebalancing?
• Can my kind of stress eventually lead to disease? Is it preventable?
• How do I know if my stress level is normal, or if it has “crossed the line”?

Memory and Focus
• How can I get started now to maintain sharpness into the future?
• I am looking for these benefits from extra focus, is there something that can help?
• I am caring for someone with signs of memory loss, is damage reversible?

Schedule 10 Minutes with Susan.

    What’s needed before a consultation?

  • Your Email
  • Phone number / best times to reach you.
  • 10 minute conversation to get to know you and answer questions about the consultation session.
  • 1.5 hour consultation
  • Your agreement to fill out pre-conversation forms returned within 48 hours before their consultation

Let’s talk about your options.

Clients who see the best results are determined, diligent over time, willing to combine multiple nutritional products and make lifestyle changes in eight key areas. I’ve seen firsthand how the results can be truly life changing.

Schedule a consultation. Schedule 10 Minutes with Susan.

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