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Marketing headlines, articles, blogs, and suggestions constantly fight for our attention, vying for our hope. Who can we trust? What works???

Way back when, I sat on drug store and vitamin shop floors, analyzing brands. Only four companies, to date, have products that make the grade. I feature my go-to brand here. Your products will always work and you will always be safe with Shaklee.

Where should you start? I don’t know – yet. Here, you won’t be bombarded with offers. Rather, I invite you to connect. Your supplements will support you best when products are thoughtfully chosen just for you.

I've searched and scoured for you. This is it.

Client Quote

My hands were tingling. I read fish oil might help. I bought some at Walmart, but it didn’t help. My husband said, “You know, I have some Shaklee, why don’t you try it?” It worked! In a week, the tingling stopped and hasn’t returned.”

— Emily

Boston Natural Products Client

Why is Shaklee my most often recommended brand?

Shaklee was the first company that consistently passed my rigorous standards. Shaklee’s science, technology, pharmaceutical quality control, and rigorous testing always impresses me.

    The Shaklee Difference.

  • It works. In 20+ years, this brand has been consistently excellent. Their products always work and are always safe.
  • Backed by 100+ patents and 140+ scientific studies, Shaklee scientists spend years, if necessary, to create products that properly address the complexity of what the body needs. They conduct 350 quality tests on each new botanical and over 100,000 quality tests a year.
  • Fastitious quality. Shaklee conducts 350 quality tests on each new botanical and over 100,000 quality tests a year.
  • Beyond Exceptional Products: Integrity. Commitment. Action. Consistent with their founder’s vision, Shakle’s environmental stewardship is exciting and world renown. Shaklee greeting the new millenial by becoming the first company in the world to earn Climate Neutral™ certification by totally offsetting its CO2 emissions, a goal nearly all companies are striving to do by 2035.
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Target excellent support with these recommended products.

These are some of the products I may recommended to clients who have particular health concerns. Groups of products work together for better, faster results as we simultaneously meet the multiple needs our cells. Your age, your biological gender and more make a difference so feel free to schedule a "10 Minute Chat" for your better choices and best pricing. When ordering Vitalizer, please choose Woman's, Men's or the Gold (over 50+) as appropriate.

These packages are only recommendations. The FDA reminds us that supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Please consult with your physician and use only as directed.

Memory Support

MindWorks® | Mental Acuity Plus® | OmegaGuard® | Vitalizer™ Gold | Vivix® |
Vegan Omega-3 may be substituted for OmegaGuard

Mood and Blues Support

Sustained Release VitalMag® | MoodLift® Complex | Life Shake™ Non-Soy Plant Protein
or Life Shake™ Soy Protein | Vitalizer™ Women | OmegaGuard® or Vegan Omega-3

Energy Support

B-Complex | Energizing Soy Protein | Vitalizer™ Gold | CorEnergy®

Anxiety Support

Sustained Release VitalMag® | B-Complex | Life Shake™ Non-Soy Plant Protein or
or Life Shake™ Soy Protein | Vitalizer™ Women | Stress Relief Complex

Focus and Clarity Support

MindWorks® | B-Complex | OmegaGuard® or Vegan Omega-3 | Life Shake™ Plant Protein
or Life Shake™ Soy Protein | Vitalizer™ Men

Digestion Support

Optiflora® Prebiotic and Pearl Probiotic | EZ-Gest® | Optiflora® DI |
OmegaGuard® | 7-Day Healthy Cleanse

Client Quote

I’ve taken Vitalizer for three months now. My body likes it and I have so much energy It’s perfect as I “up my game” again for the new year!”

— Ryan

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