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Fatigue and More

Do you yearn to escape from the constant drag?

If your tiredness or sickness just won’t quit, and your doctor’s answer is “Everything seems normal” or “There’s nothing more I can do,” there are likely more tools in your health toolbox. Targeted nutrition may help stressed body systems re-balance. Many people ‘s lives transformed over time once their cells had every opportunity to access a buffet of nutrition.

I can relate.

A series of illnesses overworked my immune system, putting me on the couch for weeks. Achiness disrupted my sleep. Sitting up to try to work from home was exhausting. My doctor called it general malaise. I could not have predicted that in a few months my health would completely transform.”

— Susan Buta

Owner, Boston Natural Products

Which of these sounds like you?

I wake up tired or battle for the energy to make it through the day

Energy production is commonly thwarted. In energy production I don’t think about vitamin deficiency, I think about vitamin adequacy. For many reasons, some bodies just do better with more nutrition - above what people can eat. I’m one of those people. I turned to published research to find out why.

I can recommend nutrient programs that provides every opportunity for our bodies to re-route those downhill trends and re-vitalize our healthy, dynamic selves.

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I often feel illnesses coming on.

Having a strong, at-the-ready immune system has never been so important. I’m here to recommend an effective path when there are many to choose from.

Supporting better immunity is tough. It involves lots of biology and biochemistry, health history, and even environmental factors. Coaxing the body back to health doesn’t come from a magic pill, but instead from deep digging and a physician’s opinions, to help the body re-balance.

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It’s my gut.

Do you have a grumbly tummy or uneven bowel issues that your doctor isn’t quite ready to treat? Or, are you interested in additional support to your current plan?

Stomach and gut issues are very common. The good news? I’ve had a lot of experience guiding people with choices for better digestion using natural, safe support. Most feel more comfortable in 2-3 weeks. What a relief!

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I wonder if you can suggest something for …. ?

Do you have a situation causing distress like joint pain, muscle aches, lingering symptoms, eczema, etc? In 20 years of offering people supportive choices, I’ve heard a lot of stories. Feel free to email me to see if there’s something for you.

I don’t do weight loss. I’d love introduce you to one of my health partners if weight loss is your goal. You’ll get a team to work together for your best benefit.

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Client Quote

I asked Susan about immunity because I had 3-4 sinus infections every year. She listened. She understood my concerns about safety. I haven’t needed treatment for an infection since I began taking a few of Susan’s suggested key nutrients consistently.”

— David

Let’s talk about your options.

My clients, who get the most benefit, are determined. They take action even when they don’t feel like it. They use a range of products, on a consistent basis and make appropriate lifestyle changes. This can be so hard on days when we don’t want to get off the couch, but I and others are a testament to the rewards of sticking with it.

These are three “best next steps” my clients and customers find excellent supplement support for their goals:

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What My Clients Say

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