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About Products

There are thousands of supplements on the market. I dig in.

Marketing headlines, articles, blogs, and suggestions constantly fight for our attention, vying for our hope. Who can we trust? What works???

Way back when, I sat on drug store and vitamin shop floors analyzing brands, seeking to define quality from the typical. Few brands meet my high standards. I thoughtfully and confidently recommend my products to those searching for supplement answers.

Where should you start? I don’t know – yet. Here, you won’t be bombarded with offers. Rather, I invite you to connect. Your supplements will support you best when products are thoughtfully chosen just for you.

I dig in.

If headlines or products are sensationalized, I dig in. Good products should speak for themselves.”

— Susan Buta

Owner, Boston Natural Products

I’ve searched and scoured for you.

Client Quote

Susan asked me many very good questions and she really knows what to ask.”

— PeiPei Wishnow, PhD

President, Interceuticals Inc.

Tough standards mean our products work and are safe.

1. I sort through the noise.

My Standard: Be sold on Quality, Safety, Efficacy.

In a world of too many options and marketing claims, I have your back. My standards are so high. Few companies make the grade. These a sampling of my standards:

• Published human clinical studies must support all product claims.
• Ingredients must be naturally sourced, in the right forms, sustainably harvested, and with the right technology.
• Ingredients must be produced with pharmaceutical levels of quality control.
• My brand owners are obsessed with purity and safety.
• They must not, or ever have, sold questionable or injurious ingredients.

If a company compromises, the game is over. Integrity is everything. Your products should work and always be safe.

Why this matters: Supplements are unregulated by the FDA and it’s too easy to stretch the truth. When I see something a little “off”, my instinct is sharp. I ensure ‘slick’ marketing doesn’t win over quality.

2. Products, biology, and chemistry must mesh.

My Standard: Products must cooperate with our body’s natural chemical process.

Millions of chemical reactions build our tissues and create the wondrous whole we call life. It’s simple chemistry: The right nutrients, in the right amounts, taken in the best way provides the best results. The integrity of a product’s ingredients makes a great deal of difference in our body’s ability to effectively use those substances well.

Why this matters: We will always play catch up until our cells get what they need. Cells can only compensate for sub-optimal nutrition for so long, maybe they manage for 10-20 years. Eventually, too many errors add up and disease sets in.

The difference of a healthy future is not necessarily a matter of nutritional deficiency” as it is nutritional “adequacy.” In a chemist’s eye, some reactions work better if certain raw materials are in “excess” to help create a better result. Not everything should be “in excess.” It’s critical to know the difference.

Quote: “Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself” — Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee

3. Nature requires a full range of nutrients.

My Standard: The reactions in our body use a full range of nutrients. Honor what our body needs.

Why this matters: Most people hope for the “quick fix” to their health goals. But the reality is, physical and mental health are too complicated for a single nutrient approach to be effective. It takes 12 nutrients to run the eight reactions at the core of our energy production. If we want to create all the energy we can, which of those nutrients should we leave out when we want our body to construct strong bodies?

Luckily, you’ll not have to guess how to satisfy those requirements. I’ll help your good decisions as we
• lay an adequate nutritional foundation,
• support the infrastructure and environment, and then
• target your top concern.
This approach is one reason my clients enjoy so many side benefits.

How Boston Natural Products Supplements Work

Where is a good place to start?

I’ve put together product packages with products that strategically work together well to support several targeted health goals. I encourage you to schedule a 10 minute chat to see what is best for you.

    Why is Shaklee my go-to brand?

  • It works.For more than 20 years, I have not found another brand so consistent. They always work and are always safe.
  • Backed by 100+ patents and 100+ scientific studiesThey often spend years to create a product that properly addresses the complexity of what the body needs. They conduct 350 quality tests on each new botanical and over 100,000 quality tests a year.
  • Beyond Exceptional Products: Integrity. Commitment. Action.Consistent with their founder’s vision, Shakle’s environmental stewardship is exciting and world renown. At the turn of the century, Shaklee was the first company in the world to obtain Climate Neutral™ certification, totally offsetting its CO2 emissions, a goal nearly all companies are striving to do by 2035.
Explore Shaklee Products Here.

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