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Memory and Focus

Sensitive issues like these are frightening.

Are you worried about your memory or that of someone you love?
Do you experience a little too much brain fog for your liking?
Seeking more clarity or focus?

Much of preventative health talk avoids the super organ that rules them all – the brain. Intricately connected through a powerful neural network, our brain requires a healthy body to support a health mind. Pathology creeps slowly and out of sight. The damage can manifest suddenly.

I remember the moment.

My mom experienced normal memory decline for a 91 year old. Then, in practically one day, she dropped off a cliff. She was so confused she couldn’t find her closet. It was terrifying!” With my help, she bounced back in one month against all odds, and still only requires assisted living care at 94.”

— Susan Buta

Owner, Boston Natural Products

Which of these are more pressing in your life?

Memory Focus, clarity, attention


Brain damage associated with memory loss begins 10-20 years before symptoms appear. Early action is key. At this time, there are no medical treatments for memory challenges.

Slowing down or attempting to redirect the downhill slide requires an “all in” approach that is especially for those who want to do all they can, to preserve as much memory as they can, for as long as they can. Time is not on your side in memory decline. The earlier you engage, the better.

Which of these sounds like you?

I am healthy, and wish to preserve all I can.

Age-related decline is a slippery slope, and you know you want to get ahead of it while you can.

I’m glad to recommend products shown to reduce brain shrinkage, increase mental clarity and focus, and support healthy body symptoms based on your current physical and mental condition. I help you determine the best place to start.

See my favorite products to improve cognitive function.

I am, or someone I care for is experiencing memory decline.

When first signs of decline appear, it’s time to take action.

It’s tempting to ‘close in’ when we start losing function. Redirection, however, requires us to expand out, helping our brains make new connections across eight core lifestyle areas. After a steep drop at 91, my mom now knows who we are at 94 thanks to this method. We’re thankful she avoided the financial burden of full-time memory care.

Unfortunately, there are no short cuts in this approach. The best results happen when a person or family’s determination outweighs the necessary changes. Picking and choosing does not work.

See the products we used.

What helped?

I’ll sum it up through a Monty Python quote. “And now for something completely different.”

When my mother split from reality, I jumped on a plane. Arriving in town, I immediately engaged all I knew. The first week was very hard. In her fragile state, she resisted changes. Then her hearing returned and the hallucinations ceased. Next, she knew where to find her closet and thank heaven, soon after, she knew our family again. The worst was over.

The consultation process and your community resources reveal the best strategies for you or your loved one. Permanent brain damage is not reversible. Just like your doctor’s memory treatments, results are not guaranteed. But what if it does work? How would you feel?

See the products we used.

Can anything be done if memory loss is already present?

The earlier dedicated action occurs, the better. The full, clinical program for those already diagnosed with Alzheimer’ or dementia is offered through specially trained functional doctors who often require thousands of dollars just to buy into the practice.

The program I offer combines the best science-based natural support I know to work with your doctor’s care. It is driven by your family and your community’s resources and the financials are a fraction of the cost of memory care. It’s active. It’s “all in.” It may help.

We have two introductory phone calls before starting the consultation process. I only work with those who are ready and determined. But if your loved one stays out of memory care or recognizes you again… I can tell you, it’s an amazing experience.

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Do you feel your concentration could be better? Do you have attention deficit challenges? Do you feel like you are “foggy” at times? Are you a student or business professional hoping to find a safe competitive edge?

A nutritional toolbox can support our brain’s attention and focus safely and legally* using a 1,2,3 plan. Lay a nutritional foundation, create a healthy environment then add target nutrients.

Client Quote

I felt fried in the final weeks of my accelerated bachelor’s degree. Susan gave me products to try. I noticed I had no headaches and I seemed more focused and aware. Clarity is the word I’m looking for here, as if my office had some fresh air and the lighting was a bit better.”

— Marcello

Client, Boston Natural Products

    I want an edge to my performance in school or work.

  • Suffering from ADD/ADHD. Lack of proper nutrition is often a contributing factor. We can find you the supplemented nutrients you or your child needs.
  • Better focus and recall.A sought after edge for college students, the stats on black market Adderall sales never cease to shock me. Here you will find safe, daily, legal memory support.
  • Professional edge.A safe, natural, dependable edge can give you a leg up on the competition, especially when natural age-related decline sets in.
Products for focus and clarity. Schedule A Short Call.

* Adderall and Ritalin are commonly sold on college campuses.

Let’s talk about your options.

My clients, who get the most benefit, are determined. They take action even when they don’t feel like it. They use a range of products, on a consistent basis and make appropriate lifestyle changes. This can be so hard on days when we don’t want to get off the couch, but I and others are a testament to the rewards of sticking with it.

These are three “best next steps” my clients and customers find excellent supplement support for their goals:

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