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Meet Susan

A boost on your journey to better mental health.

Vitamins and supplements can provide added support for better mental health. When bodies get what they need, they function better, allowing more room to address the emotional aspects of mental health. If you are looking for something more in your journey, either before or with medical intervention, it’s worth taking a look.

Natural solutions complement traditional mental health care. Please connect with your health care professional before starting nutritional or alternative programs.

I share the story.

For me, medication isn’t enough to balance the surges of manic highs followed by the complicated lows. When I stick to a healthy lifestyle and follow my science-based supplement plan, I have the space to regain balance and joy.”

— Susan Buta

Owner, Boston Natural Products

Chemist, educator, researcher, speaker, two decades of consulting experience.

Chemistry - a new angle to wellness.

Stress, health and the environment may upset a delicate biological balance. Our bodies as wonderful creations of chemical systems designed to work in harmony. Unbalanced, our bodies may not function as Nature intended. We feel the downward spirals as our bodies try to adapt without enough resources.

I help people strategically choose the high-quality, natural products to redirect downhill trends using the principles of chemistry. Let’s revive those cells, providing all they need for their best outcomes, both for now and well into the future. It all begins in the tiny reactions of our cells.

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I know the pain you are feeling.

I’ve lived the “sick to well” journey and all that comes with it - depression, infertility, anxiety, job pressures, personal stress, stubborn viruses and wondering why it’s all happening. I felt hopelessness my doctors said there was nothing more they could do. They didn’t mention nutritional support. After several weeks bound to the couch, I was desperate. I yearned for a way to get my body back.

I listen deeply to others’ health stories. I’m someone who genuinely cares and understands, takes a close look, and thoughtfully connects the dots before offering recommendations.

Have you felt you wanted to be better heard?

How does a skeptical chemist turn into a vitamin and supplement specialist?

At my lowest point, in so much distress that I had to kneel in the shower, I accepted my friend’s suggestion to try supplements. I knew 90% of them originated from the same chemical companies, so I wasn’t too hopeful that any vitamins, no matter the brand, would change my doctor’s prediction that I’d be sidelined for up to several months.

Good science changed my mind...

With the help of a quality supplement program, I was back to work, part time in one week, full-time in 4 weeks, and soon after, naturally pregnant after ten years of infertility. Over 20 years of exceptional health later, I embrace my whole selfcare plan and really enjoy a thriving active life I love to live.

What made the difference?

We’re complex beings and need a full range of nutrients to support for our brain and body. Well done research studies show that quality supplements are effective for supporting better physical and mental health. When we give the body what it needs, each cell has the best opportunity to do what Nature intends – grow healthy organs and systems giving us more room to focus on our emotional selves.

Learn more about my multi-nutritional philosophy.

I help my clients live healthier lives through a method that looks at multiple areas of their lifestyle, right to their kitchen table. You will feel confident as my broad professional experience, study, analysis, and practice activates on your behalf.

Twenty years of experience and a unique background at your service.

Ed.M. Harvard University, B.S. Chemistry, Western Illinois University, Wellness Educator

Previous to entrepreneurship, Susan was an R&D chemist with experience in production, quality control, microbiology, pharmacology, and the chemistry of the brain. She taught Chemistry and Physics in urban and suburban high schools. Her company, Boston Natural Products specializes in products, services, and consultation for long term personal and environmental health, so our bodies may thrive both for now and in the future.


  • BS. Chemistry ACS certified, Western Illinois University
  • Ed M Harvard University
  • Wellness Educator Certificate: Dr, Linda Rodrigues, MD, supervising physician, Gemma Gorham, BA Biology, MPH, supervising nutritionist

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